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At Denham Green E-Act Primary Academy we make sure every child is happy, adopting a whole school approach to mental health and Well-being

We understand that there are times pupils may need additional emotional support. We ensure pupils have the right strategies and interventions available to them and can work on their mental health and well-being, equipped with strategies to help them and build protective factors.

At our school we help children:

  • Feel comfortable by sharing any concerns or worries they have.
  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Form relationships through developing their social skills.
  • To understand their emotions and feelings better.
  • Help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks.

Wellbeing Champions 

Every class has a Wellbeing Champion and they each help promote positive wellbeing in their classrooms.

 The role of our Wellbeing Champions:

 1) To promote happiness and wellbeing throughout the school.

 2) To welcome new pupils to our school.

3) To be kind, caring and helpful towards others.

 4) To always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

 5) To support the pupils at lunch times who might be upset or unwell.

6) To attend regular meetings with Mrs MacLeod to talk about the well-being of our school

7) Check the Wellbeing boards and liaise with staff to check in with children.

8)Lead a range of activities within the school that promote kindness, diversity, respect, good behaviour and provide extra support for pupils who may need it.


Wellbeing Check Ins 

Every day our pupils check in and out of class and let us know how they are feeling. This allows us to check in with them, if they are not emotionally ready to start the day.

How are you feeling today?

I’m great and feeling happy

I’m okay.

I’m not sure.

I’m feeling a bit fed up.

I’m feeling worried or sad

I’m struggling and need to talk.

Mindfulness & Well-being 

Children are encouraged to practice mindfulness activities to help them calm down from playtime and get ready for learning.  Or if needed as a strategy to help them if they are angry or upset.


What is Anxiety?

Mental Health Support

Building Resilience

Zones of regulation

Managing Emotional Outbursts


Children are also encouraged to work on their wellbeing by, connecting with the people around them, teachers, friends, family and neighbours.  Be active, during PE or clubs or go for a family walk.   Take notice of the world around them, be curious and savour the moment.  Always be ready to learn something new, read a new book or learn the meaning of a new word. Finally, children are encouraged to give, simply do something nice for somebody.



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