On Friday 2nd  February,  MP Dominic Grieve visited our school and bravely volunteered for a question session during assembly. He started with a short introduction and then it was over to the children.

Pupils from all year groups asked a variety of questions ranging from, Why did you become an MP? to  What is your favourite shark?

We learnt all sorts of things about his life as an MP. Did you know that one day a week he is available to meet with his constituents for questions?

We also learnt about his family life which was very interesting. We discovered that one of his hobbies was diving and on one occasion he was close by a shark, which turned out to be not a scary one! This caused lots of questions about his adventures.

The interview was very interesting, especially, hearing about what he did in his spare time and the fact that he knew our PM from his University days, when they both attended the same parties!

The children were polite and enthusiastic with their questioning and the whole school gave a round of applause and said thank you for coming. There was also a few high-fives with the Y1s.

A great learning experience for our school.

Half term is 22nd to 26th October - Back to school on Monday 29th October 2018.

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