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About Us

Twilight Owls is a wraparound after school provision for children attending Denham Green E-Act Primary Academy.  This is run by members of staff who organise fun activities for the children so the sessions go very quickly.

Some of the activities so far have included cooking, gardening, art and crafts, badminton, team sports, construction and pom-pom making.  We have even made slime and squishes!!

In the 2nd session once we have had something to eat which normally includes a sandwich, yoghurt and some fruit we play board games.  The Twilight Owls favourite is Don’t be a Donkey, although recently we have been playing chess.

What we charge

End of the school day until 4:30pm: £7 per child per day (for the whole time or part of the time).

End of the school day until anytime between 4:30pm and 5:45pm: £8 per child per day.  (Including a snack)

The total charge for both sessions is £15.

If a child is collected after 4:30pm then you will automatically be charged £7 for the second session.

There will be a late charge of £5 per child per day if children are still here after 5:45pm.


How to Book and Pay

You can book onto Twilight Owls and pay via Parentpay. Please ensure you book no later than 12noon on the day as spaces are severely limited.


Contacting Staff During Twilight Owls

If you need to contact staff from 3:20pm to 5:45pm the number is:   07713 485245.  There is also a black bell on the door for Twilight Owls children to be collected.

What our children say…

“I think Twilight Owls is really good because you get to do lots of cool things!”

 “Twilight Owls is the best club I have ever done!”

 “It’s the best! You meet other children from different years and watch great films!”

 “I think Twilight Owls is the best thing in the world, because we do fun things like playing games!”

 “I love Twilight Owls because you get to do great stuff!”

Please bare with us as our website is currently being updated.

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