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Welcome to the class page for Year 2, here you will find information about our learning and homework. We will update this page over the year with the various goings on in our class!

My names Ms Ashley and I teach our Year 2 class here at Denham Green E-ACT Primary Academy.

In Y2 we have clear structured days with some fun thrown in. We have two areas which we are aiming for – our Phonic Screen test and KS1 SATS.

Our lessons cover English, Phonics, Maths, Science, History/Geography (alternative half terms), Art/DT, PE and RE. In our lessons we start with having a go at answering retrieval questions on work we have completed recently or in past terms. Following this we begin our learning time which is then followed by our work in books.

Y2 is a transitional year and we will be preparing ourselves for moving into KS2, where we will be doing more independent work.

We regularly have general knowledge quizzes, have mindfulness sessions and a time to share any news.


Knowledge Organiser

The knowledge organiser is the beating heart of each unit. The core content is meticulously curated and itemised to clarify the necessary (but not sufficient) knowledge necessary to develop a sophisticated schema for each unit of work. Over the course of the years, these knowledge organisers ensure that all pupils become ‘culturally literate’ (Hirsch, 1987) and have the opportunity to engage in ‘powerful knowledge’ (Young, 2013). A knowledge organiser acts as a planning, teaching and assessment tool. It provides complete clarity to leaders, teachers, pupils and parents about what is expected to be learnt and remembered by the end of the lesson, the unit, and in the long term.

Summer Term 1A Curriculum Overview

Summer 1 Curriculum Overview




balanced diet


patter tone and texture

human form

art and design skills


oceans and seas

we are britain

a contrasting locality china


Christianity – is it possible to be kind all the time

Christianity – why do people believe god gave jesus to the world

islam – does praying at regular intervals help every day life

judaism – how important is it for jewish people to do what god asks them

Christianity – how important is it to christians that jesus came back to life

Islam – does going to a mosque give muslims a sense of belonging

How special is the relationship jews have with god

islam – does completing hajj make someone a better muslim

judaism – what is the best way for a jew to show commitment to god



using materials



living things and habitats

human lifestyle



stone age britain

roman britain

the great fire of london


traction man




Sports day is Friday 1st July (weather pending). Children can come to school dressed in their PE kit.

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