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We would like to celebrate this wonderful poem created by Year 5,  inspired by this beautiful picture (Peter Messer). 


Leaf-man slowly and quietly glides in the dark like a bird gliding without a single sound,

Leaf-man on the ground; golden brown rug,

In the night he shivers and then strikes,

Leaf-man moves like a slithering snake; slithering across the city.

Diving leaves falling without making a sound,

golden – swirling in the breeze, breaking down into leaves.

Diving leaves in the air,

dancing in a circle,

dancing across the land,

jumping up and down in excitement.

Walking quietly, then bouncing down an alley,

Observing throughout, walking in plain sight.

Leaf man stands in a tornado of leaves,

The thief of leaves,

Laughing as you see him no more, leaving only an echo.



School will be closed for the Easter break from Friday 2nd April and children return to school on Tuesday 20th April.

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