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We would like to celebrate this wonderful poem created by Year 5,  inspired by this beautiful picture (Peter Messer). 


Leaf-man slowly and quietly glides in the dark like a bird gliding without a single sound,

Leaf-man on the ground; golden brown rug,

In the night he shivers and then strikes,

Leaf-man moves like a slithering snake; slithering across the city.

Diving leaves falling without making a sound,

golden – swirling in the breeze, breaking down into leaves.

Diving leaves in the air,

dancing in a circle,

dancing across the land,

jumping up and down in excitement.

Walking quietly, then bouncing down an alley,

Observing throughout, walking in plain sight.

Leaf man stands in a tornado of leaves,

The thief of leaves,

Laughing as you see him no more, leaving only an echo.



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