On Friday 9th Feb, the children at Denham Green Academy came down to assembly as normal….to be greeted by a crime-scene. The school trophy had been stolen, and a crime scene was in place, secured by PCSO Officer Dobbins. Following an assembly by Mrs Lennox & Ms Whitley – the Denham Green Science Co-ordinator and organisers of the day – the children in the Academy then spent the rest of the day investigating the crime!

Friday the 9th was our ‘Forensic Science’ Day, where the children had the opportunity to learn lots of different ways that Forensic science is carried out. The children took part in handwriting analysis, hair sample analysis (ably assisted by a professor from Brunel University), shoe analysis and casting prints, fingerprint analysis, chromatography, crime-scene sketching  and a talk by the local police regarding the process involved in investigating a crime. For the younger children in the Academy, they had to investigate an animal which had escaped in the school, and follow the clues to find out which animal it was (a huge thanks to Mr Newell for bringing in the chickens to make the experience even more real for the children).

At the end of the day, using all of the evidence gathered, we had one final assembly, where all of the suspects were quizzed, until the real culprit was discovered……none other than our own Mrs Fisher (who had merely ‘borrowed’ the trophy to give it a good clean).

The Forensic Science day was a huge success; the children were so enthusiastic, and spoke positively about it all through the day. As one child put it, “This was the best day I’ve ever had in School!” The children were so excited to have the opportunity to explore science beyond the curriculum, in a fun yet focused way, and to learn and experience new skills they had never seen or heard of before.

And the trophy is now back in its rightful place too!

Please come along to our open day on Thursday 18th October 2018 from 9.00am to 11.00am

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