All Different, All Equal

The children have recently had a week of special workshops and assemblies which have embedded that we are all different and all equal. After a brilliant workshop from ‘Think!’ the previous week, (when the children looked at stereotyping – an eye-opener for some of the children!), the scene was set for a deeper understanding of the various types of bullying that could be experienced.

Their week started with a visit from ‘Smily Minds’, who got the children to think about various scenarios where people were bullied, thinking about the feelings of the people involved and how to change things. In KS1 they had fun working together and in KS2 they learnt a rap, which was continued to be heard throughout the day, as it was a catchy tune!

Next was a visit from ‘Ugly’, a performance by two girls to KS1 and 2, based on a modern version of Cinderella’s step sisters who’d turned their behaviour around since experiencing on-line bullying themselves! The children not only learnt about various forms of bullying, how to deal with it, and how to change things, but also had a lot of fun. Mr Pearce was dressed up as a ‘bully’ and gave his all in the part. There was a quiz too, which had three children and Mrs Lennox taking part – all answered brilliantly.

Finally there were workshops for KS2 where the children were put into groups, given a scenario based on a type of bullying to act out and then freeze frame. We all then pretended to have a remote control and pressed the Rewind button, (this action was a highlight of the week!). Once we’d rewound, the group gave suggestions on how the secondary bully could change the situation. The ideas were amazing.

A fun week on a serious subject which our pupil voice tells us, was a great success. We are indeed all different and all equal.

Please come along to our open day on Thursday 18th October 2018 from 9.00am to 11.00am

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